Houston, we have a purchase! Custom Apollo 13 minifigs now available

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Apollo 13

Custom Apollo 13 minifigs to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the historic mission? Yes please.

Created by the U.K.-based customizers extraordinaires over at Minifigs.me, the set recreates the entire real-life Apollo 13 crew — James Lovell, Fred Haise, Jack Swigert and Gene Kranz — in fantastically impressive detail, even down to flight director Kranz’s trademark vest as made for him by his wife.

The minifigs are available both individually and as a special collector’s set. The latter includes a backdrop based on the real image NASA used for the crew’s official portrait back in 1970, and a replica of the mission’s command module carbon dioxide scrubber.

They cost £11.99 each ($18), or packaged together for £34.99 ($50) in Lego yellow, and £37.99 ($55) for flesh tone faces. The Gene Kranz collector’s set retails for £14.99 ($22).

Houston, we have a purchase!

Source: Minifigs.me

Via: CollectSpace