‘Where do you think YOU’RE going, fancy bricks?’: Monkey Island gets Lego makeover

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Any PC owners who were getting their game on in the early 1990s must, at some point, have played Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. Following the continuing adventures of would-be pirate Guybrush Threepwood, the lengthy adventure game (it came on 11 floppy disks!) put players in pursuit of the mysterious treasure of Big Whoop.

But while the Monkey Island series hasn’t had a new outing since 2011’s Monkey Island: Special Edition Collection, the game lives on — thanks to the fantastic work of Lego builder Vitreolum, who put together a nifty reconstruction of protagonist Threepwood’s first meeting with Largo LaGrande, the feared bully of Scabb Island.

Check out more of the pictures below:

Here's the scene being recreated, if you're wondering. Photo:

Monkey Island 3

Monkey Island 4

The level of detail is superb (I love the tiny belt buckle), but it would be fantastic to see Vitreolum go even further and recreate the surrounding scenery from the game. Maybe for the sequel?

Unless he’s out of floppy disk space, that is!

Source: Flickr

Via: Kotaku