Say goodbye to plastic bricks as Lego seeks out a $150m alternative

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Lego bricks have been plastic for as long as they’ve been around, but that’s going to change at some point in the near(ish) future.

That’s because the Danish company has announced that over the next 15 years it will shell out 1 billion Danish kroner — a whopping $150 billion — to find a more environmentally-friendly material to build its products out of.

To help with its bold quest, Lego will hire upwards of 100 people who will research a solution from Lego’s HQ in Billund, Denmark.

“This is a major step for the Lego Group on our way towards achieving our 2030 ambition on sustainable materials,” said Lego president Jørgen Vig Knudstorp in a statement.

As a company, Lego has already shown its green side by making packaging materials more sustainable, while its facilities now use wind power and other renewable energy source here possible.

One thing’s for sure: if this happens, expect the price of current plastic bricks to go way, way up.

Source: CBC