D’aww! Tatooine Mini-Build is the cutest set you’ll ever see for the planet furthest from the bright center to the universe

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Earlier this week, I mentioned the Tatooine Mini-Build: available exclusively for attendees of Celebration, the annual Star Wars fan festival, which just so happens to be going on right now.

Well, we finally have a picture to put to the description.

Consisting of 178 pieces, the set depicts Luke Skywalker’s desert home planet where — according to him at least — nothing ever happens. (Note: he’s wrong of course. Judging by its appearances in both the Star Wars movies and the expanded universe materials, Tatooine may be the most happening planet in the galaxy.)

The $40 set features a mini Sandcrawler, Landspeeder, Lars Homestead, and brick-based micro-versions of C-3P0, R2-D2, Owen Lars, and two Jawas — plus a regular C-3P0 mini figure you can make stalk menacingly through the set like a gold British Godzilla.

The sets are available to purchase at 11am on Friday and 10am on Saturday, optionally signed by designer Mark Roe. Warning: While the Force may strong with them, supplies are likely to be limited, so better hurry!